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International Nanny Boutique Nanny Agency for Governesses in Riyadh, Paris, Doha, Monaco, Dubai

International Nanny Boutique nanny agency, is an established Nanny and Governess agency for Worldwide placements. We are committed to providing a quality service to all our esteemed clients around the World.

We are an International Nanny agency having professional experience in placing English and French Governesses Overseas. We have placed governesses with clients across the world: London, Dubai, Paris, Jeddah, Singapore, Australia, Mumbai, Monaco, Abu Dhabi, Riyadh, Doha and worldwide. We aim to place experienced highly qualified Governesses that truly adore their job as a Governess in London and Overseas.

What does a Governess do:

A Governess would normally teach or educate your children at home, she focuses on teaching children, not cooking nor general care needs. The Governess can work with children from age 3 upwards. She normally does not carry out nursery duties that a nanny would. A Governess could greatly assist your child’s attainment and progress at school.

What does the governess do?

Their role is to tutor children in all subjects such as Science, Maths and English, History, Geography depending on the child’s needs. They can help your children with coming test or exams, they can also help with homework.

They can also teach languages such as Spanish, French, Arabic and Mandarin, they can teach your child instruments such as piano or violin.

The Governess is able to organise activities for your child like trips and certain activties or clubs they should also be able to speak to the child’s teachers to see their weakness so the governess ca focus on certain subjects the child is struggling with.

The focus is to develop the child’s creativity, confidence and educational skills.

Typical Salaries of a Governess

The salaries all depend on the governess’s skills, experience and qualifications.

The salaries can be range between £1000- £2000 per week net.


The governess will expect to have the own space to relax with a private bathroom.

Many request a separate apartment.

Vacations Allowance

The governess will require a minimum of 30 days holidays a year.

Expected Working hours:

The working hours are between 8-10 each day with 1-2 days off a week.

This can be discussed with the family.

These are the typical Qualifications that a Governess from British Nanny Agency may hold:

Montessori Diploma


Primary teaching Degree

TEFL English Teacher

Secondary teaching Degree

Oxbridge Graduate

Special Needs teaching degree

Degree in Psychology

FS1 teacher

Early Years Teacher

Nursery Teacher

DBS Police Checks

To work as a governess you should hold or apply for a DBS or police check.

To register as a governess with us please email us your CV and referee contact details:

Where do our Governesses work?

International Nanny Boutique Nanny Agency offers Governesses around the World:

Saudi Arabia / Abu dhabi / Poland / Kuwait/ Denmark / Sharjah / Dubai / Texas / Switzerland / Norway / Athens /Jeddah / Alexandria / Spain / Morocco / Sydney / Ajman / Bahamas / Bahrain / Belgium / New Zealand/ Bermuda / Odessa / Monterrey / Cayman Islands / Caribbean area / Canada/ Cairo / Paris / Geneva/ Riyadh/ Monaco/ Moscow / Al Maty / China / Thailand / Al Ain / Casablanca / India / Doha / Egypt / Kiev / France / Lugano / Geneva / Mumbai / Germany / Greece / Puerto Banus / Saint Tropez / Holland / Istanbul / Kaliningrad / Paris / Fujairah / Greece / Italy / Istanbul / Jordan / Luxemburg / Asia / Mexico/ New York/ Tokyo / Ras al-Khaimah/ Marbella / Ankara / Jordan / Russia / Qatar / Warsaw / Lisbon / Doha / Dublin / Jerusalem / Rome Tallinn / Roseau / Cyprus / Nicosia / Zagreb / and Worldwide

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